Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday's Weekly Rap Up - September 9, 2016 - "The Omnis" - Shai Linne ft. Andy Mineo, Giano & Omri

"The Omnis" - Shai Linne ft. Andy MineoGiano & Omri 

Our church, Sojourn Heights, just recently finished an express series through the book of Job. The book of Job is written about a man who by all accounts was blameless and upright. Job is a difficult book. It provokes readers to continue to wonder, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Job loses his possessions, his family and his health, all things that we hold dear, and likely find much more hope and worth in than we should.

The book of Job continues with accounts from some of Job's friends, who really don't do much to comfort him. They really do a lousy job. They essentially tell Job that his suffering was caused by something that Job did. Job loses sight of who God is, and what he has promised. Job doubts that God is just in a world of injustice. Job continues to plead, asking God to clear his name. There's no answer to Job's suffering, so all go silent, until Elihu, the youngster, comes forward. This is the fourth person to address Job, calling him to listen to God, admit his self-righteousness, stop justifying himself, and to fear God alone. Still, none of these things address the "why?!" of Job's suffering.

What we're left with at this point in the book is a tension: either Job is right, and God is unjust, or Job is wrong, and God is just. All this tension is relieved through Christ.

The book reaches a crescendo in chapters 38 through 42 with the Lord speaking to Job. He almost mockingly asks Job, in Job's doubt, whether Job was present while he created this world. "Did you assign the coasts Job? No?... Okay then..." Essentially, the Lord is asking Job whether he has the knowledge and and perspective needed to run the world. Job is questioned as to whether he is bold enough to position himself above the Lord. Job ends up going quiet. The Lord asks him again whether he has anything to say, and Job continues to promise his silence (Job 40:3-5).

It's in these few chapters from Job that really call to mind our limited understanding of this world. Shai Linne's song, The Omnis, hits on these points. Take a listen, especially in the second verse, and see how it parallels what the Lord declares about himself to Job.

Who is like Him? There is none
Triune, Holy three-in-one
When all is said and done
God is amazing, amazing
His power cannot be compared
Exhaustive knowledge none can share
At all times everywhere
God is amazing, amazing yeah

For a fantastic overview of Job, as well as many other books of the bible, check out The Bible Project.