Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday's Weekly Rap Up - September 16, 2016 - Lecrae, "I'm a Saint"

I'm a Saint - Lecrae (Lyrics)

For four weeks our church and neighborhood parishes are reading and reviewing the Sojourn Houston neighborhood parish primer. This is a time to be reminded of our identity as Christians, and as members of the Church. The parish primer is a tool that assists parishes, or more simply, smaller expressions of the local church, in developing a unified vision for how life and ministry within the parish will look.

The first week's topic discusses a Christian's position as a saint. Typically we hear "saint", and either think of someone that is perceived as having a pristine image and character. We think of a really good person. Or, we think of "saint" sarcastically, as in "Oh, they're a saint."

The New Testament of the bible regularly calls those in Christ, saints. It's not a reference for only the holiest of holy. The term "saint" describes a position for those who are Christians, not a result of striving to be holy, or attaining the name from an institution.

When we understand this truth, we're free to grow in holiness as a parish, as a church. This truth also allows us to serve and do good works in the name of Christ, without having to worry about doing those works to earn our position as saints.