Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mattresses, Montrose, and Mattress Marketing

Houston is saturated by the mattress market. You've seen the locations of the nearly 170 Mattress Pro, Mattress Firm and Mattress 1 One locations around the Houston area. Houston's Swamplot website just announced yet another Mattress Pro location along Westheimer in an old convenience store. I thought we had reached peak mattress here in Houston, specifically in Montrose. Apparently not. And, for as enterprising as Houston is, we surely haven't taken mattress marketing to the next level. They have in Washington, DC though.

There are only so many ways to market mattresses, right? Think again. DCist ran a story today advertising that online mattress retailer Casper has announced a week-long pop-up shop in Washington DC's Georgetown neighborhood. From May 13-17 customers can swing by the pop-up shop to try out mattresses, and oh; have a waffle and coffee, all while having their dreams interpreted.

Houston should feel a bit snubbed as the regional mattress king though, because Casper is planning to bring its Snooze Bar to Austin's 5th Street May 27-31. You can find more details on the event's Facebook page. You can book an appointment for the Austin Snooze Bar now. Another week long event will take place in San Francisco as well.

Just think of Mattresses and Margaritas. Happy Hour Naps. You can call happy hour offerings "Nappitizers". Montrose has a lot of bars. Montrose has a lot of mattress stores. (The neighborhood is even being referred to as Mattrose now.) It's a perfect match. I certainly can't take credit for this idea, but the enterprising mattress mavens and bar owners of Houston, especially in Montrose, sure need to know that this business model is out there.