Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mattress Manifest Destiny Part 2: Mattress Firm, Mattress Pro and Mattress 1 One

Houston's mattress population continues to rise. Mattress Firm, Mattress Pro and Mattress 1 One locations continue to open at a pretty fast pace. Those three chains alone account for 169 mattress stores in the Houston area. Swamplot showed that Mattress 1 One is slated to open a location on the 5800 block of Houston's Memorial Drive. A while ago I looked at all of the Mattress Firm and Mattress Pro locations in the Houston area, and compared them to a few basic demographics. What we found wasn't really surprising: people who are more educated, with more money, who move more tend to buy more mattresses. Or, at least mattress stores want to be located near people who fit into those demographics.

Well, the same is pretty much true for Mattress 1 One. But, the chain does have some locations in areas where household incomes are less than Houston's city median household income. Mattress 1 One also does not seem to be as intent on positioning itself in direct competition to a neighboring Mattress Firm or Mattress Pro. Mattress Firm seems to be locating along corridors, saturating them with stores (Westheimer!). Perhaps this provides shipping efficiency. Mattress 1 One on the other hand seems content to cast a wider net, blanketing the city.

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