Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday's Weekly Rap Up - April 17, 2015 - "Beautiful Life 2 (Mine)" - Trip Lee

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of attending the annual benefit dinner for the Houston Pregnancy Help Center, hosted at the Hilton Americas in Downtown Houston. A number of Sojourn Heights parishioners came to the event by invitation of one of the pregnancy center's volunteers. It was a night of the testimony of how God is working in Houston, saving lives and ministering to women and men in unplanned pregnancy situations. Many of us had not heard of their work in Houston, but we are glad that we now do.

It was a joy and encouragement to hear the center's director, Sylvia L. Johnson, speak about her passion in ministering to mothers, no matter their choices and backgrounds. It is evident that Ms. Johnson's passion for loving people comes from her passion and love for Christ. It was refreshing to know that the Houston Pregnancy Help Center offers a life-affirming alternative to the culture of death that has grips our communities. The culture of death is one that does plague our neighborhoods and thoughts, without regard to class or creed, and one that is perpetuated throughout much of society today. Ms. Johnson offered testimonies of women who visited the clinic, still intent on having an abortion, and through the love of the clinic, and its staff and volunteers, brought life to their children instead. Please read some of the clinic's other testimonies, as they are powerful, and offer a reminder of the hurt and confusion that plague many of our neighbors.

Last night's event was headlined by author and television host Eric Metaxas. You can see his story here at I Am Second. Mr. Metaxas is a regular guess on many national media outlets, including Fox News and CNN, and has had many of his works published in publications such as the Wall Street Journal. His op-ed, "Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God," featured in the WSJ, is a fantastic, thoughtful piece. He highlighted many of the points made in his "Miracles" book, and reminded us that many of us maintain a hunger to know what is real and what is true.

Mr. Metaxas also reminded us of the sacred state of God's creation, that His creation is set apart and infinitely valuable. This is a worldview that is not shared by all, but one that the Houston Pregnancy Help Center is striving to share with mothers and fathers in Houston. It also reminded me of the work of rapper Trip Lee, shared in his song "Beautiful Life". I highlighted this song a while back, but it's important to remember the truth that is contained in it.

"Beautiful Life" is an account of a young woman struggling with the question of abortion, and the inconvenient timing of a child due to an unplanned pregnancy. Trip follows with a verse dedicated to the male in the relationship, who was most likely "caught off guard" by a pregnancy. Finally, as poetically as possible, Trip links the struggles of abortion, especially the guilt of those with that have already had an abortion performed, to the gospel and forgiveness found in Christ. That third verse is about as good as anyone could explain the freedom that exists in Christ, even for sinners like us.

On Trip Lee's most recent album, Rise, he features "Beautiful Life 2 (Mine)", highlighting the joy that is found in fatherhood and the creation of his son and daughter. That is the joy that the Houston Pregnancy Help Center is fighting to share with mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancy here in Houston. See how you can help them here.