Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Weekly Rap-Up - April 5, 2013

808 & Elite

"Me Monster" (Featuring Andy Mineo

This song from producer 808 & Elite is short, and features Andy Mineo, as well as an introduction containing Brian Regan's "Me Monster" material, and relates directly to a book I recently finished titled Embracing Obscurity. Since reading Embracing Obscurity I have been challenged to think about my desires to known among others, especially within the context of our local church, and will follow up later with a review of the book and some personal reactions.

Both "Me Monster" and Embracing Obscurity address our desire to be known and to draw attention to ourselves, taking the full glory away from the Lord, the one who truly deserves our attention. It may even seem hypocritical to post this on a blog, while using Twitter, Facebook, and The City to gain an audience. To borrow some words from the author of Embracing Obscurity, the question we must ask ourselves is, “Am I posting this to make myself look good, or to make God look good?” In other words, do we post things online or share stories because we want others to think we're cool, important or going places in life, or because we want others to think that God is awesome, all-powerful and has given them life?

"Typically, we have such a high opinion of ourselves, and to live and die unnoticed seems like an injustice" (p. 10). "Embracing our obscurity is when we are content with being relatively unknown so that Christ can be made more known" (p. 13). So, let us not be Me Monsters.

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