Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Weekly Rap-Up - March 29, 2013

Since today is Good Friday, that means we are a few days away from Easter, marking Christ's resurrection. We are also in the week of Passover, so here are two songs from Shai Linne and one from Hazakim at Lampmode Recordings that can help us understand Passover a bit better, and point us to the necessity of "the blood of a lamb" to atone for man's sin. If you don't have it already, check out Shai Linne's entire Atonement album. There's not a better time to give it a listen than this weekend. Be sure to check out Hazakim's album, Theophanies.

I enjoy these types of songs as they provide opportunities to learn and memorize gospel narratives, especially for those that might not crack open a bible and read it. I enjoy being reminded of Christ's work in the gospel through these songs, and through rap and hip-hop in general. I'm thankful that there is a medium that allows songwriters, and listeners alike, to behold the gravity of our sin, but also the atonement that was made through Christ.

Shai Linne - Passover

First, Shai Linne gives us a narrative of what the Passover meal might have been like for a typical Hebrew family in Egypt. The introductory dialogue between Shai's character and his kids is comical, and probably wouldn't be too uncommon, considering kids will always say the darnedest things. I'm sure it was no different for Hebrew families in that time to have kids that played with their food, much like I'm sure I did at Easter meals. The dialogue follows with the instructions of the Lord in Exodus 12 for the preparation of the Passover lamb and the accompanying meal. Shai's character goes on to explain the events of the 10 Plagues of Egypt and the meaning of the Passover to his daughter Rachel and son Joseph. Honestly, for someone like me that is not close to being an expert in Old Testament Jewish tradition, songs like these can be helpful in establishing a foundation of understanding.

Hazakim - Passover Lamb

“Passover Lamb” provides a perspective of the Passover from a Jew, questioning Moses' command of "this bizarre practice" and would not spread the blood of a lamb on his door before the taking of the firstborns. The dialogue continues with an account of one of the Jews that gladly accepted the command of Moses to put the blood on the doorpost, especially since he was a first-born. He says, "And though I don't understand, I trust that somehow our redemption is found in the blood of the Lamb", signalling the Hebrews' faith in future Lamb. At the song's conclusion, Hazakim connects these accounts to Christ serving as our Passover lamb.

Shai Linne - The Cross (3 Hours)

The Cross is an account of the execution of Christ and the suffering that he endured upon the cross before his death. Shai uses the first verse to attempt to depict the scene at Christ's crucifixion, and uses the second verse to describe how the crowds treated Jesus, and of Christ's true character, which is in stark contrast to those claims made by his scoffers. Let us celebrate that Christ would not remain buried, at that he would rise three days later.

Check out Shai Linne's blog for the lyrics to his songs featured here, as well as the rest of his songs.