Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well, the day started early as we worshipped and went to church with our host families at The Orchard Evangelical Free Church ( We heard a sermon on regeneration, and how as Christians we are a new creation in God's eyes after truly accepting Christ into our lives, and 6 ways to be sure that we are regenerated, and are authentic Christians.

The team had lunch and dinner with their host families, with an afternoon practice in between. Then, at night the team and the host families gathered together to share what had been going on with each host family, and to share desserts.

Monday will find us going down to Marshall High School in Chicago, having practice, lunch, and doing some urban ministry before scrimmaging at the school in the afternoon. This will be a great time for our guys to get their first real scrimmage before competing down in Colombia, and to use basketball as a platform to share our relationship with Christ to other athletes.

Look for pictures from that experience on Monday night.

Continue to be praying for us that we are healthy and safe, and that we grow together as a team, and as followers of Christ!

Here is a team photo, as well as a staff photo for our Colombia trip. In the staff photo is Coach Field, our tour director Clint, our interpreter Erika, and myself.