Friday, August 14, 2015

Hair Ye, Hair Ye! - Houston To Get A Cut of Austin with Birds Barbershop?

A leasing sign from Moseley Commercial suggesting a remodel of the commercial strip center at 420 E 20th Street, the former home of the Sunshine Washateria and Frenchy's Sausage Company, is now posted at the site. The site plan for the future Heights Plaza includes a Birds Barbershop, the popular Austin salon chain. Houston residents may soon be able to enjoy the same Shiner Bock hair wash that Birds is currently offering to Austinites.

The barbershop is already listed as a destination for haircuts on the Houston Heights Association website, and a "Heights Salon" label is used on the rendering located on the leasing sign at the site.

A June article in the Austin Statesmen includes a statement from Birds co-founder Michael Portman. "Portman said they are choosing Houston for expansion because of the number of requests from residents there -- more than from any other city. Still, he admits taking the business to a new city is a bit daunting." The acclaimed barbershop was recently named to Elle Magazine's 100 Best Salons, and noted as one of America's 15 Best Barbershops by Esquire.

The rendering of the Heights Plaza also includes "restaurant" and "natural foods" awning labels. This site is just a few blocks to the west of the recently open Sola Salon Studios (5836 North Main Street) at the corner of Studewood / Cavalcade / Main Street in a former Blockbuster Video.

Sola Salons

A former Blockbuster Video


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