Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday's Weekly Rap Up - July 24, 2015 - "The Greatest Story Ever Told", Shai Linne; Three Years in Houston

This past Tuesday marked three years since arriving in Houston and yesterday marked three years of working for the City of Houston's Planning and Development Department. It has been three years since I packed up my belongings and left Harrisonburg, Virginia to make the trek to Houston.

Again, this past year was a huge blessing. Emily and I celebrated a year of marriage, and are continuing to grow in holiness. We've gotten to celebrate the marriages of many dear friends, shared in heartache over lost friends and difficult times, and have shared in the joys of others.

In Shai Linne's song, The Greatest Story Ever Told, he begins with the following line:

"Each of our lives is a story, and with each new person we meet, we become a part of their story, and they become a part of ours. The God who created the universe has somehow woven together these billions of stories into one story, which is the greatest story ever told."

It's been a great year of meeting new people and continuing to weave together relationships and stories. We have had a year of great stories, but it's an honor to continue to add to the greatest story ever told.

The greatest story ever told
A God pursues foes whose hearts turned cold
The greatest story ever told
Restoring all that the enemy stole
The greatest story ever told
The glory of Christ is the goal, behold
The greatest story ever told
It’s the greatest…