Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday's Weekly Rap Up - January 9, 2015 - "Need It Daily" by Tedashii

"Need It Daily" - Tedashii, featuring Derek Minor - Lyrics

It's a new year, so resolutions abound. The gyms are filling up with people resolving to lose some of those holiday pounds, or to simply get in shape. Others are resolving to serve their communities or friends. Many of us in our church's neighborhood parish (more commonly referred to as a small group) have resolved to chronologically read the entire bible in a calendar year.

As Christians, we should be rooted in God's word. We are instructed to read God's word. It helps us encourage one another daily and reminds us of truths.

As my friend Kyle Bryant encouraged our parish this past week, there is a difference between Bible study and Bible reading. Bible study is great for gaining deep understanding of particular passages and books, but broad Bible reading allows us to see larger themes of Scripture and helps the language and tone of the Bible to seep into our speech and thoughts.

Bible reading also does not require a study guide, teacher, or outside materials to aide us. We can simply read and trust that God will honor our efforts in allowing us to better understand His character. Whether we use a reading plan or not, it's important that the Church be people of God’s Word. Part of the goal of our parish embarking on this reading plan is to allow Scripture to become a part of our everyday lives, in a hope that reading God's word, and knowing him more, becomes a significant part of who we are. If nothing more, we only need be reminded of the gospel daily.