Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Weekly Rap-Up - April 26, 2013

"Famous" - Sho Baraka

The Lions and Liars album from Sho Baraka has been one of my favorites since it was released back in 2010, specifically for tracks "Lion's Anthem" and "Shut Us Down", but today I highlight "Famous" in response to my recent reading of Embracing Obscurity - Becoming Nothing in Light of God's Everything. I have prepared a review and summary of that book, along with how the book is challenging me, and I will post that later today or sometime tomorrow.

Admittedly, I normally skip over this song when I listen to this album, but after looking for a song that spoke to the issue of obscurity, this seemed to be one of the only songs I could find. (I am sure there are others out there; another close example is Background by Lecrae and Andy Mineo). But, I suppose it is difficult to compose and perform a song that calls for the embrace of obscurity, when our sinful tendency tempts us to declare our own name, something all to noticeable in the music scene.

After reading Embracing Obscurity and reflecting on the challenges it posed for me, I came to this admission; That I desire for others to know me and my name more than I desire to recognize that I am fully known by our Lord. And to that end, we as Christians must strive to make the Lord's name famous. Our right standing with the Lord does not hinge on how many people know our names, or how many people we are able to get to know His name; but rather that we call on His name as Lord.