Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Weekly Rap-Up - March 8, 2013

For those that love free music, consider this a continuation from last week's post! Kareem Manuel, who calls Chicago home, released his sophomore album, Until Forever, in December of 2012. This album features Lecrae and Derek Minor, and has tracks produced by Swoope, DJ Official, Derek Minor, Alex Medina; all artists or producers for many of the Reach Records projects.

You can download this album for free on NoiseTrade. The production quality is second-to-none, and features a variety of styles. My favorite is track 15, Hero, featuring Lecrae, describing the return of Christ, and His redeeming work on the cross, as our ultimate hero and Savior. There's a lot of great men, but only one hero. Musically, the contributions from members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra set this track apart from all others. I can't image how much fun it would have been to record this track with the additional contributing musicians. 

Track 11, Open Your Eyes features an artist named Plumb, and has an Evanescence-esque sound, for those that remember that band from the mid 2000's. This song is a reminder for us to open our eyes to that fact that we play a part in the larger story that the Lord has crafted. It also addresses our unbelief in difficult circumstances, and encourages us to continue to return to scriptural truths that the Lord has not forsaken us, and that we as Christians are being conformed more and more to the Lord's image. 

Be sure to download this one and give it a listen. 

As a bonus, here is a link to another Kareem Manuel song, from 2011, that I found on his SoundCloud site, entitled Lion King. For anyone that appreciates Disney references, this song compares the conditions of our cities with that of the Pridelands in The Lion King. Men are gone, and the younger men that are left continue to run away from their responsibilities, much like Simba did. It's a fun analogy, but cuts deep to the truths of men abdicating responsibilities, and opting to be our own kings, rather than living lives serving Christ, our heavenly King.