Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Weekly Rap-Up; February 8, 2013

Given that our identity in Christ seems to be a predominant theme of discussion, especially among the mid-20's crowd, I couldn't help but list one of my favorite songs. It's been a feature before, but it's here again.

In His Image by Derek Minor and Andy Mineo from Derek Minor's PSA Volume 2 mixtape. It's a free download, so pick it up! I highly recommend it!

Also, here is a link to an extended interview Lecrae did for Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on PBS. An overall piece discusses the changing scene of Christian music.

As part of Friday's Weekly Rap-Up, I may also include some of the more interesting articles or blog posts from the interwebs that I have read over the past week.

On Public Criticism on Social Media - Nathan Finn - When we have qualms with our pastors, friends, leaders or neighbors, is social media a good avenue to make these gripes known, and is it God-glorifying? Probably not.

Should We Cheer for God - Barnabas Piper - In light of the Super Bowl, and in relation to any sporting or musical event, what should our affections and excitement for God look like?

The End of The Penny - Pennies will be a thing of the past in Canada. If you're from the north, you know you have a bunch of Canadian change that makes its way into your pocket.

What Happens at an Atheist Church? - BBC - "Instead of hymns, the non-faithful get to their feet to sing along to Stevie Wonder and Queen songs."

For fun.... What Women (and Men) Want Are Good Teeth and Good Grammar - Of coarse I'ma have no problems findin' me's a lady then. But in actuality, the findings are saddening.