Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Weekly Rap-Up - February 15, 2013

As the City of Houston hosts the NBA All-Star Game this weekend, I figured I'd feature a few NBA-themed tracks this week. These analogies will fly better with the basketball crowd, but they're still edifying to anyone.

Kobe Bryant On 'Em from Sho Baraka addresses the difficulties and opposition that Christians face each day, as a result of the fallen state of this world, as we strive to give God glory and make him famous, even in settings as common as our workplaces. And, since we've been given the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 3:14-19), we are strengthened, allowing us to persevere through opposition. The power, strength and skill that Kobe Bryant possesses to make his defenders look silly is a loose parallel to the power that we have in Christ when being "defended" by those who do not see Christ as Savior. Sho explains it some more here.

You can get this song for free on Sho Baraka's Barakaology mixtape, from Reach Records. Download it; it's pretty good.

This was just some fun that Sho was having with K-Drama, another rapper, creating a little debate on whether Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant is the better player. This shows that Christians can use their gifts to glorify God, share Christ, and still have some fun at the same time. Jordan will probably always be the better player, but I think Sho's song features a better delivery. Either way, let us all Air Jordan or Kobe Bryant on 'em all the time.

And, just a fun video, the best NCAA Tournament Buzzer Beaters. My Spartans didn't make the cut for their buzzer beater in 2010 against Maryland, but there are some great clips here.

I will also be volunteering down at the NBA's Jam Session fan experience for the weekend. It'll be a great way to serve the City of Houston and our visitors coming to Houston to attend the game. I may post some thoughts about my experience within the next few days.

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