Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CNN and their belief blog...

Here's a nice story from CNN about a pro soccer team from Charlotte. Using soccer to share the Gospel, and live out their Christian lives.


For some reason, CNN has been putting alot of effort into including evangelical Christian stories as part of their front page online. The story about the Charlotte Eagles was front page material for at least an hour or so, and presumably seen by millions.

Another interesting topic was the article about things that are not found in the Bible, but seem to be regularly quoted as such. Definitely an interesting read.


I had the joy of having lunch with my buddy Jimmy as he rolled through Harrisonburg on Sunday afternoon. It was a few hours to catch up, encourage, and be encouraged. It was just another time where I have to sit back and thank the Lord for sending me to Huntington, attending Marshall, and gaining a great network of friends, who embody the body of Christ. It's been great to continue to grow with them, and share in their friendship.

I will have a more lengthy account of my time at Marshall, and my retrospect of my time there, which stemmed from my recent visit there, within a few days.