Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, tonight at bible study we talked about anger. We all have it in one form or another, just part of our sinful human nature. And would you believe it or not, even Jesus got angry. Take for example the people selling stuff in the temple as accounted in the gospel of John. In John chapter 2, verses 13-17, Jesus goes into the temple, where dudes are selling oxen, sheep and pigeons, and drives all of them out with a whip! ( This is NOT the Jesus most people talk about. He is not the gentle, almost feminine Jesus that he is made out to be in our media. Jesus got angry!

But this is a righteous anger, angry at the men who were making his father's temple, a holy place, into a marketplace. We can also have righteous anger, mostly when there is some sort of injustice or violation of some sort, and when we are oppressed. However, too ofter our anger is slanderous, and can lead to gossip. The main problem is that our anger produces sin, unlike the anger of Christ in the gospel of John.

Here is a great feeling of righteous anger, diplayed by Matt Chandler in a talk he gave a while back. This video is called "Jesus Wants the Rose!"